Single Stock: Jule by Christoph Zoubek

Camera: Pentax 67II + Pentax SMC Macro Takumar 135mm f/4.0
Film: Kodak Tri-X 400
Developed & Scanned: Carmencita Film Lab, Spain
Location: Munich

This series was shot with 14-year-old Jule back in February 2018. I tried to use only window light which wasn’t that easy with the limited daylight during the winter. Fortunately, it was a bright day, so I could at least stop down to f5.6 which still gave me a narrow depth of field in 6×7. The background is a white wall in my room, varying between light and dark grey, depending on the distance to the subject. All-in-all, a very simple set-up which worked great for these portraits.
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