Single Photograph Submission

This is where you submit photographs that you believe truly represent the stock, camera or lens used. These photos are inputted into the database to be found via the search function.

Submission requirements:
– Submit via Chrome
– Crop photographs to 2500px on the longest side, 72dpi, maximum file size of 1mb each
– Ensure all information is filled out as specifically as possible – especially the lens
If you’d like to submit multiple photographs with different details, please fill out a new form per photo
– If all details are the same aside from the film stock, fill in one form and specify film stock in the image name
– You can submit up to five photographs within one form
– Photographs with watermarks or borders will not be accepted

*All submissions are not guaranteed to be featured.
*You maintain full copyright of your photographs and under no circumstance will they be sold or used for any other purpose other than as part of the database. If we receive requests for purchase or proposals for work opportunities, we will direct them straight to the photographer via the email provided below.



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Film format*
35mmMedium FormatLarge Format

Film Type*
B&W ChromogenicB&W InfraredB&W NegativeColour NegativeSlide/Transparency

Film speed/ISO*

Film stock (eg. Kodak Portra)*

I confirm I have obtained all necessary model release forms and permission from those involved.
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