The vision for The Art of Film was born whilst I was travelling through Spain in late-2016. I had spent the previous year shooting film every day on my journeys throughout Asia and Europe, and I found my passion for the medium grew exponentially. I realised I wanted to create a space on the Internet that was solely dedicated to exploring every aspect of film photography and the film community.

I’m often searching for inspiration, or wanting to see results from that next potential gear purchase (that I probably shouldn’t be making!). Flickr, Facebook, Instagram; I get my film fix from a variety of resources, but I’m always wishing there was a platform that could satisfy my thirst in one hit. That’s where The Art of Film comes in.

The Art of Film showcases photographers’ work in a beautiful, clean environment. It explores all film stocks, cameras, lenses and labs. It celebrates film photography in every way, shape and form. Launched in 2018, The Art of Film is an extensive online resource for film photographers.
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I’m Gavin Host, by the way. If you’d like to see some of my work and learn more about me as a photographer, check out my website or Instagram.